Havis Amamda

We have a great pleasure to welcome all professionals working in the field of pediatric neurology and neonatology to the 36th Nordic Neuropediatric Congress in Helsinki, Finland, from 25th – 27th August, 2016.

The main topics of the meeting cover some of the latest advances in neonatal neurology. The clinical aspects of neurological examination, seizure management, imaging and monitoring newborn brain of preterm and term infants will be discussed. The effect of genetic and perinatal factors on brain development as well as the developmental process of brain network are also covered by two sessions.

Invited speakers include e.g. professors Linda de Vries (University of Utrecht), Lena Hellström-Westas (Uppsala University), Marianne Thoresen (University of Oslo and University of Bristol), Juha Kere (Karolinska Institute), Martin Engvall (Karolinska Institute) and Rolf Zetterström (Karolinska Institute), Leena Haataja (Helsinki University Hospital), Sampsa Vanhatalo (Helsinki University Hospital).

The present screening practices of neurometabolic disorders in Nordic countries will be compared in order to facilitate the exchange of information and learning from each another.

All participants from different fields of neuropediatrics and neonatology are encouraged to present free papers and send an abstract by e-mail to info@congcreator.com by 8 April 2016.

The congress venue is Congress Paasitorni and we have pre-booked accommodation at the hotel Scandic Paasi.

Let’s make together a memorable meeting with high scientific quality combined with a relaxing get together including a boat tour and dinner in Helsinki archipelago.

We look forward to meeting you in the 36th Nordic Neuropediatric Congress!

On behalf of the organizing committee
Leena Haataja
Professor, Congress Chair


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